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SASEH trading as GENUINEAFRICAN (PTY) LTD is an organisation that has a track record of providing organisations with expertise in organisational development through providing solutions to problems and enhancing business capability. We provide our services in the Public Sector, Private Sector and Non – Governmental Organisations. Through our services numerous organisations have achieved maximisation of profits & revenue, increased production, optimisation of systems & processes, best stakeholder management and increased employee morale. SASEH provides a comprehensive strategic guidance, critical thinking and innovative ideas that will completely transform your organisation. Our innovative ideas and critical thinking strategies play a significant role in managing the changing business environment, improvement performance, effectiveness and efficiency. 

Areas we work:

  • Training Needs Analysis / Assessment
  • Strategy Advisory & Enablement
  • Operations Management
  • Human Capital Development
  • Leadership Development & Sustainability
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Good Governance & Compliance
  • Organisational Development & Planning
  • IT Infrastructure Implementation
  • Data Mining and Analytics Services
  • Value Analysis Development
  • Financial Modelling & Implementation
  • Valuations & Due Diligence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Initiations
  • Project Development and Management
  • Digital Marketing Infrastructure Development
  • Cyber Security & IT Auditing
  • Projects Monitoring Evaluation & Learning
  • Systems Thinking & Implementation
  • Negotiations for International Multilateral Agreements
  • Application of International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Business Processes Re-Engineering & Transformation
  • Process Improvement & Optimisation
  • Process Documentation and Standardisation
  • Software Development & Administration